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Program Structure

Program overview:

The 36-credit hour Master of Science in Product Development (MPD) Curriculum involves 11 three-credit courses and a three-credit capstone thesis.  The program is designed to be a two calendar year (six semester) experience beginning with an intensive full-time two week kickoff experience known as the January Experience.  Students may enter during other semesters, but are required to complete the January experience during the first two weeks of the Winter semester.

Students typically complete the program's courses in a cohort-based sequence with the other members of their starting class.  Those starting the program during the fall or summer semesters will be integrated into a cohort in progress.  The initial semester of the program involves a two week kickoff experience coupled with an intensive course over those two weeks, followed by two courses for the remainder of the first semester.  Student cohorts take two courses in each semester for semesters 2-5, and complete the capstone thesis during semester 6. 

Details of the program requirements may be found in the Graduate Catalog.  Note that, because it is a cohort based program, 'electives' are selected on a cohort-by-cohort basis working in conjunction with the program director.

Schedule of class meetings:

For the convenience of students, classes are typically offered in the late afternoon - early evening time period (4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.).  Students must receive work release time during the two-week launch experience.  All MPD classes are available live but remotely using a distance learning platform.  Following the kickoff experience, students may complete the remainder of the classes from anywhere in the world via the Internet at the appointed class meeting time.

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