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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEEE is the largest professional organization in the world. Joining the IEEE organization brings many benefits. As a member you will receive monthly subscription to the IEEE magazine, you will also receive a IEEE pin as a new member, and once you are a member you will be able to get help on searching for jobs on the website.

The student organization at Detroit Mercy helps out in certain events throughout the campus, for example for Technology Day, IEEE will host the "shout contest" using a program created in MATLAB.

Being a member of IEEE offers many opportunities to work closely with Engineering faculty and staff at Detroit, as well as getting to know other Engineering upperclassmen. Our goal is to bridge the gap between what students learn in the classroom and real-world applications. By being a student member, you greatly increase your chance for co-op recruitment! Don't wait. Join now!

Learn more about Detroit Mercy's IEEE Student Chapter:

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