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Eligible Graduating Engineering Students

Engineering Student of the Year

This award is presented to an outstanding graduating engineering student. Designation of this award is based on the candidate’s academic achievements, leadership capabilities, personality, and extra-curricular activities. The nominees exemplify the necessary characteristics and are considered by their peers worthy of the distinction. The top three candidates interview with the Deans of the College.  A winner is selected after the interview.

Eligible outstanding graduating engineering students include:

Angelosanto, Nicholas D.
Arnold, Zachary R.
Babecki, Julia A.
Ballard, Alexander J.
Barnett, Marcus W.
Berlingieri, Dominic M.
Berndt, Jesse R.
Brewer, Jack A.
Burnside, Grace M.
Callebs, Nicholas A.
Casey, Ashley M.
Cattani, Marco
Chalhoub, Mehdi A.
Chase, Theodore A.
Degener, Kiefer R.
Del Serrone, Stefano M.
Dellock, Paul R.
Donahue, Shannon M.
Elicea, Isaac J.
Gibbons, Samuel P.
Gonzalez Navarro, Viridiana G.
Guirey, Michael T.
Gumma, Job S.
Habash, Maryam W.
Harness, Christopher M.
Hein, Stuart R.
Ingle, Gregory R.
Kelleher, Miles S.
Kendell, Benjamin R.
Kenney, James C.
Kolpasky, Daniel P.
Kutchey, Melissa E.
Kuznicki, Jessica C.
Laird, Devon J.
Laird, Molly E.
Li, Yuyi
Liang, Jingming
Liu, Yi-Chuan
Maraldo, Anthony W.
Martinez, Raquel
Mauser, Sarah P.
Mehrotra, Shreshth
Mittelstaedt, Johnathon E.
Mueller, Andrew C.
O'Hara, Brian C.
Patel, Nayan J.
Periyappurathu, Anna Rose F.
Pina, Mario
Potti, Guillermo J.
Ramirez, Laura M.
Reyes, Maria G.
Rider, Frankie J.
Rogowski, Max A.
Ross, Austin J.
Saleh, Salman
Slowik, John K.
Stelmaszak, Kacper F.
Szumlas, Algird E.
Thelen, Brice J.
Turnbull, Michael R.
Tursha, Fabiha A.
Van Der Goot, Nynke P.
Vega, Joseph C.
Walton, David M.
Wang, Ziyu
Wenderski, Peter F.
Williams, Carl D.
Yeranosian, Viken R.
Zhu, Chenhui

Voting for all awards except the Purple Shaft are done electronically.  Students will receive an email message inviting them to vote on Monday, February 26, 2018.  Voting concludes at 11:59 pm on Monday, March 12, 2018.

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